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Executing a digital campaign

Laptop with a mock up of the web page with women looking through a camera.

A digital-first mindset

The digital world is constantly changing and evolving, which is why it's essential to have a digital-first mindset. Capital Group, an investment management firm, recognized this need. They aimed to deliver elevated customer experiences for investors and financial professionals. The need was to transform existing customer experiences and interactions with a shift from traditional to digital marketing.
As the Design Lead of the marketing team, I led this digital marketing campaign


The business primary goals was to transform a 10-page print brochure into a state-of-the-art digital experience that would engage and captivate financial professionals. The seconcdary goal was to reach thier target audience more effectively and efficiently, making the business stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Campaign deliverables

Campaign deliverables:  webpage, email, social media


  • My main focus was centered around the user. I ensured that all designs and solutions were tailored and created with the end user in mind. My goal was to create a seamless experience across all marketing channels so that users could easily navigate and access information.
  • I was successful in managing this project by bringing a balance of business understanding, marketing expertise, and collaborative leadership skills to the table. This allowed me to effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders, ensuring that all goals were met and the project was successful.
  • One of my key contributions was gathering business requirements and user needs, and utilizing them to create high-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes served as a visual representation of the end product, allowing all parties involved to have a clear understanding of the final design.
  • Additionally, I ideated and developed digital assets that aligned with the objectives and messaging of the campaign. By doing so, I was able to create compelling visuals and messaging that spoke to the target audience, effectively driving engagement and conversions. I played a significant role in creating a successful campaign that met the needs of both the business and the end user.

Existing 10-page brochure

A 10-page brochure acted as the foundation for the digital marketing campaign.

Digital-first experience

Mock of the digital marketing campaign web page


I was able to execute a successful project that seamlessly integrated all essential aspects of the campaign. I was responsible for forging strong working relationships with all involved parties to ensure that all deadlines were met in a timely and efficient manner. The project posed several challenges, such as a tight timeline, but with my focused efforts, we launched a digital marketing campaign that exceeded our expectations. My proactive approach also meant that we were able to overcome any unforeseen issues and make necessary changes along the way. All in all, this project was a testament to my ability to execute high-quality digital marketing campaigns that deliver results.

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