Hi, I'm Yolanda

As a passionate tea enthusiast, I eagerly anticipate brewing the optimal cup each morning. In addition, I practice pilates daily in my personal studio as a master student. As a member of The Visual Jam, I participate in a global community of creative thinkers where I am able to unleash my imagination. Currently, I am pursuing a Process Management Certification program to gain knowledge of the core principles of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Agile, with the objective of becoming a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. This certification will improve my ability to collaborate, handle complexity, and make informed, data-driven decisions through statistical analysis.

Over the last 5 years, I have gained experience in end-to-end UX design for mobile and desktop, as well as coding skills acquired from a recently completed web development program. My knowledge of the Scrum framework is extensive.

During my tenure at Wells Fargo, I excelled from a Graphic Designer to an Assistant VP Design Lead. I was responsible for overseeing and approving creative initiatives and campaigns, creating rebranding strategies and design systems, mentoring junior designers, and guiding development teams in implementing accessibility practices.

What it's like working with Yolanda

 "When we took on the responsibility of an independently branded business unit, Yolanda produced a complete set of brand standards that rivaled those produced by the big brand agencies for the corporate-level marketing team. From the earliest stages of a new project, Yolanda would always have the end user’s experience in mind… ”

Gene Swift, VP of Marketing, Wells Fargo

“Yolanda was always eager to learn new skills, often lead the charge for better, more efficient processes, and was an easy-to-work with business partner. Our small but mighty creative team supported the 70+ line of business teams within Wholesale Banking…”

Melissa Mumbauer, Design Manager, Wells Fargo

“Yolanda is a strategic thinker and a quick learner. Although her background is in design, she has always been able to quickly understand banking and lending concepts, and is quick to provide creative recommendations in order that our campaigns make an impact on our target audiences.”

Treena Luety, Business Initiatives Consultant, Wells Fargo Capital Finance

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